In this session, we will focus on the changes in financial deal structuring and implementation over the last couple of years, which have been ushered in through the ripple effects caused by disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, AI, and VR. The Metaverse itself has a profound impact on the way in which players interact and communicate with one another or the manner in which deals are made; contractual dealing can now take place in the Metaverse, and with the interplay of smart contracts, contracts can now be concluded and executed within the Metaverse. Blockchain already changed financial structuring and the possibilities and development within and of primary and secondary markets. The combination of blockchain and VR, and the growth of the Metaverse, has different implications for the legal community and has laid the groundwork for new growth opportunities. The change in financial deal structuring has a direct impact on the day-to-day work of international banking and finance lawyers. Join us as our panel incorporates the views and experiences from professionals, international financial lawyers, and the regulators themselves, thus providing a wholistic insight.