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AIJA continues to develop its commitment to sustainability by implementing numerous initiatives, taking action and making more sustainable choices to improve our daily work and events.

We would like to inform you about the sustainable actions taken in relations to the 60th International Lawyers’ Congress and share the ideas on how you can contribute to the Congress related sustainability.



During this year’s Congress we address the topic of sustainability in our Association and educate our participants about the steps taken towards more sustainable future of AIJA and the perspectives of young lawyers with regards to sustainability. In the Congress programme we have dedicated special spot for the AIJA Report on Sustainability – ‘Sustainability at AIJA: a Purpose-Driven Perspective for the Young Lawyers of the Future’.

Empowering local food production

The menus feature carefully selected ingredients from Cameron Highlands’ cooler mountain climate and high-quality dairy, beef and lamb sourced regionally, from locally farmed seafood to herbs grown in Sands Expo’s edible garden.


On the occasion of this Congress we have partnered with the local car-sharing platform – Grab, which provides a 10% discount on the rides taken throughout the duration of the Congress. In this way we want to address more sustainable mobility option as the studies show that car-sharing is an effective approach to decrease your environmental impact and work towards a more sustainable future.


For this congress we have successfully increased the number of the recyclable materials in relation those associated organising such events entails, including badges, lanyards, welcome bags, menus, etc.

We have also campaigned to encourage our partners and sponsors to use and produce more sustainable materials which they would like to offer to our participants, e.g. including reusables, or easy to recycle items. As a result of that they sponsors have provide for example reusable caps.


During this Congress we organising the ‘Run for Peace’ to continue showing support to Ukraine during these hard times and to continue to advocate for justice and peace for those in need. All the donations raised in connections to this run be re-distributed to a support project to Ukraine.

Supporting sustainable initiatives

We have decided to host our Annual Congress in the Marina Bay Sands for a reason. MBS have adopted a broad sustainability policy to reduce their environmental impact by providing more environmental friendly services, such as by adoption smart technology and rethinking the material use they keep their carbon footprint to a minimum, using innovative solutions to optimise water efficiency.

In addition, MBS is the holder of a number of sustainability-related certifications, such as LEED® Platinum Green Building Certification, Certified ISO 20121 Sustainable Events Management System, Certified Building and Construction Authority Green Mark Platinum, Events Industry Council Sustainable Event Standards Platinum Certification.

See the sample results of their actions related to organisation of events here.

Their sustainability initiatives make them a valuable partner on the road to more sustainable future.

what you can do?

You may also contribute to the Congress related sustainability before, during and after the event.
How? There are some few simple things you can do to help the environment.

  • Travel light

    Do not take too many unnecessary things that may put extra strain to your belongings causing more energy consumption associated with your travel.

  • Use reusable items

    When travelling, avoid buying plastic bottles and bags, instead take reusable ones with you.

  • Save energy

    When you leave your hotel room remember to switch off all energy-consuming things, such as light, TV, AC, or unplug unused chargers.

  • Share your ride

    Share the transportation with other participant of our congress to reach your destination, or congress venue if needed. Use the buses when provided by AIJA to reach the congress venue.

  • Use public transport

    Take public transport where possible as our event venue is conveniently located at the heart of Singapore’s central business district and is easily accessible by train or bus.

  • Support local community

    During your travels you will come across many shops, if you want to bring home a souvenir prioritise local and handmade products. But make sure to not over-consume.


    Download the congress app and use it instead of printing, the nature will be grateful for not cutting down more trees.