Fasten your seatbelt. We will take you on a time-travel to 2050 and show you the future of M&A deal processes focusing on the lawyer’s perspective.

The deal process itself will be totally different: SPAs will be automatically generated based on a catalogue of varying templates and clauses. Blockchain technology will play a key-role in facilitating signing and closing of transactions, including payment streams. Full regulatory compliance will be required at the outset of every transaction removing country and continent barriers. ESG practices will become the standard requirement for any private and public transaction and green will surely be the new black. And what about the rise of the machines – will tech beat human or will the human touch and skill of experienced M&A lawyers still make the difference in making or breaking the deal?

M&A lawyers will have to adapt drastically and rapidly to these evolutions. If not, there will simply be no future for us. As a result of these evolutions you, your deal team and your law firm in 2050 will also look quite differently.

But don’t panic. Your future starts today and you better get prepared for it. We will show you real life best practices of today and tomorrow on how to prepare for this (r)evolution in M&A deals.