‘At soul.com we believe “embracing the change” is the logical consequence of a community-building process that takes root in an environment of trust.’

Pascal Jossi will be facilitating during the AIJA Annual Congress coaching sessions that will be helping you to learn about trust dynamics. You can choose between a 1 on 1 coaching session or join in a group setting (4 – 8 persons). 

  • During the 1 on 1 coaching session Aija members can come with any question or situation related to human dynamics at your workplace. We will use some of Soul.com’s  “reading reality” concepts to get a 360 degree view of the situation  and take 60 minutes to search together for the best next step. 
  •  The 90 minute group workshop focuses on how to create an environment of trust in a team. We will take advantage of being in a group setting by doing multiple practical exercises. This process will allow the participants to start developing together the capacities needed to become a promoter of trust in their law firm. 

No matter the gender, race, or cultural background, where there is trust, new methods and ways of thinking can be explored and expressed freely in a constant learning process. This builds strong, highly performing organisations. 

It is through our ability to create unity between people that change stops to be an obstacle and become a source of power, resilience and innovation. 

Join Pascal Jossi’s sessions during the AIJA 60th Annual Congress if you want to learn how to unlock the hidden potential of trust !