The AIJA Skills, Career, Innovation, Leadership and Learning (SCILL) commission organises a ‘Public Speaking Crash Course’ open exclusively to all speakers and moderators of the 2022 Congress joining us onsite.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a confident and charismatic speaker on stage? No matter which industry you represent, public speaking is an essential skill if you want to stand out in the workplace. By mastering the art of confident public speaking, you exponentially increase your capacity to influence others and this inevitably leads to an abundance of career opportunities. The good news is, by applying simple yet effective techniques, you can create a powerful impression on stage and appear cool, calm and confident, even if with minimal experience. Whether you want to influence clients or inspire crowds, knowing how to be a confident public speaker can give you an unfair advantage in any business or social situation. In this workshop, champion public speaker and TEDx trainer Hyder Taufik will be sharing with you the strategies of how to become a confident and charismatic public speaker.

Core Takeaways:
– The Fundamentals of Confident Public Speaking
– How to Use Your Voice and Body Language to Enhance Your Charisma
– Strategies To Exude Confidence & Manage Stage Anxiety